My own applications



Monitor and control FileSharing from the menu. This small application lets you start and stop file sharing right from the menu bar.



All your Folding@Home clients at a glance.

Note: The Folding@Home client software has been greatly changed and has now the ability to monitor and control networked clients itself. Folding@Home is therefore, after more than ten years obsolete. It is kept on my site solely for historical reasons.
I'd like to thank everyone who tried it out and kept on using it throughout the years. And I specially thank everyone who has contributed her or his time for writing an email, a review or even donating money. Thank you!


I've translated or helped translating parts of the following applications to German:

  • Mémoires

Michel Dalal
  • Birthday Reminder

  • FileSalvage
  • CopyCat X
  • VolumeWorks
  • FTP Droplet
  • CD Restore
  • MP3 Restore
  • Flash Restore
  • Cipher Disk

Other projects

Manfred Lippert
  • iVolume Beta tester